Promoting the fun side of llama ownership

Meet the Llamas


"Grandpa Llama"

Came to live with us on 29th September 2001, when his previous owner died


"The Famous one"

Ollie, who had to be hand reared after his Mum died, is super tame and loves showing off!  He has been on TV, in a film and countless promotional shoots.

Born here 22nd May,2011

Sire: Felix

Dam: Molly


"The Sensitive One"

Jim, who is Rupert's son, also came to live with us on 29th September 2001, after their previous owner died.


"The Teenager"

Freddie's younger brother!  He also came to live with us on 27th July 2013 after their previous owner decided to disperse the herd.


"The Calm One"

Hattie was born here on 17th July, 2007.

Sire: Monty

Dam: Patsy


"The Main Man" 

Felix was born here on 1st July, 2004.  Our first ever cria (baby llama)

Sire: Monty

Dam: Patsy


"The Diva"

Born here on the 15th May, 2011

Sire: Felix

Dam: Alex


"Gorgeous Girl"

Our youngest llama, Emily was born here on 19th May 2012

Sire: Felix

Dam: Alex


"The Woolly One"

Freddie came to us on 27 July 2013 after his previous owner decided not to keep llamas anymore and broke up the herd.

Collectively, they are all now known as the Hill House Llamas!