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Llama Wool Holder for Nesting Birds


Welcome native birds into your garden at nesting time by providing them with a ready supply of llama fibre to line their nests with.   A totally natural product, llama fibre provides a soft and warm layer, insulating eggs anbd young birds alike who are particularly vulnerable to heat loss caused by wet and windy conditions, so often a feature of our British weather.

Each holder measures approx 28cm x 6.5cm, is made from sturdy plastic and comes ready filled with a variety of fibre that has been brushed from different llamas in the Hill House Llama herd.  Small particles of hay or grass sed may be found within the fibre, but this adds to the natural charm and authenticity and will act as an additional draw for the birds.

HOW TO USE: simply tease out a few strands of the llama fibre to get the birds started and hang the holder near your bird feeder.

WHAT IF IT GETS WET? Don't worry!  Llama fibre is naturally water repellent, so it will soon fluff out again.

WILL THE BIRDS LIKE IT?  You bet they will!  I got the idea after watching some birds pecking at the backs of a couple of the llamas. The llamas didn't mind in the slightest and to begin with I thought the birds were collecting insects or seeds from the coats.  As I got nearer I could see they were actually pulling out fibre from the llamas and then flying off to their nests with it!  Since not everyone has llamas in their back garden, this is the next best thing!


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