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3D nanoblock Alpaca


Create an amazing 3D alpaca with Nanoblock technology by HSANHE.


This little alpaca is a miniature puzzle, and so much fun you won't believe it. Micro-sized Nano building blocks enable you to execute even the finest details like never before! This little alpaca fits in the size of your palm and is made with durable plastic self-locking bricks. (Just like miniature Lego).  Our boys had great fun building him and he does look very realistic!


Nanoblock is a micro-sized building block system (just like Lego), with its smallest piece being a mere 4mm x 5mm. Challenging and fun for all model making and alpaca enthusiasts in the family.  I can't imagine you ever getting fed up of looking at him - but if you do, the kit can be rebuilt into a polar bear figure!


Includes detailed full-color instructions and a special micro-tool to help you split the tiny blocks apart if you happen to put them in the wrong place!  


Contains over 130 pieces.


Not for children under 3 years old. 

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