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Beanie Hat Knitting Kit


The ideal gift for yourself or someone else who enjoys knitting. This kit contains everything you need to create a trendy beanie hat (with optional flower!)

The yarn comes from Albie, our alpaca and was professionally spun into 50g balls of yarn. The pattern was created by Caroline Pembro to use just one 50g ball of yarn (included). Also contained in the pack is full instructions, a pair of bamboo knitting needles and 2 cute buttons - one wooded and one shell for you to personalise the centre of the flower embellishment.

Alpaca yarn is super soft, snuggly warm and contains no lanolin - making it hypoallergenic.

The kit itself knits one size, which due to the properties of the fibre, will fit adults and children alike.


The fantastic photos of the hats in use (see, they even fit llamas!) were taken by the very talented Sally Sargent of Natural Portrait Photography, based here in Somerset. See also www.naturalportraitphotography.co.uk

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