Promoting the fun side of llama ownership

Adopt A Llama

Llama herd, Somerset
Our hugely popular, "Adopt a Llama" scheme has now been running since 2007.  You can adopt a llama for a year, either as a special gift for yourself, or as a unique gift for someone else.  It makes a great birthday or Christmas present and is a firm favourite with young and old alike.  

Unlike many other adopt an animal schemes, you will also get the chance to come and spend a session (by appointment) with your chosen animal.  Helping to feed, groom getting to know them and perhaps even getting the chance to take one out for a walk.
Adopting a llama could not be easier!  For just £38 a year, you will receive the adoption gift pack and the chance to spend time with your chosen llama.

The adoption gift pack includes:
        ~   A welcome letter
        ~   A personalised certificate
        ~    Pictures of your chosen llama
        ~    A voucher inviting you to come and meet your llama
and  a small llama-themed gift
Llama newsletters
Llama birthday and Christmas cards
However, this is a gift that just goes on and on because, during the course of the 12 month adoption period, you will also receive:
~      Quarterly newsletters telling you what all the llamas have been up to.
~       Birthday and Christmas cards from your chosen llama.

You know your money will be well spent because every single penny received goes directly back into the care and welfare of the llamas.

Adopting your chosen llama couldn't be easier! ....
Simply choose the llama you would like to adopt from the list below. There is a llama (or alpaca) here to suit all characters.  Once you have chosen your favourite animal, please head over to the gift shop and click on the links to finalise your order 

Once your order has been received, I will then contact you by email to find out who you would like the certificate made out to.  Packs are usually dispatched very quickly, but please allow up to a week for delivery.

Which llama will you choose?

Ollie the Agility Champion Llama


Ollie is quite a character and tends to leave a lasting impression on all who have met him!

His mum died giving birth to him, so he has been hand reared.  He is very curious, loves new experiences and was recently crowned the 2015 National Llama Egg and Spoon Race Champion.  He also excels at athletics and was the 2013 and 2015 National Agility Champion!

Hattie the Llama


Hattie is a beautiful llama with a lovely, calm temperament.  She loves people and often goes out and about, visiting Fetes, Schools and Nursing Homes.

Emily the Llama


Born in 2012, Emily is our youngest llama.  She has a lovely nature, but is quite timid and as yet, hasn't been trained to accept a halter.

Eric the Woolly Llama


Eric is one of our remaining entire males and I do hope to breed from him one day.  He is our most recently rescued llama, coming to live with us with his brother Freddie, when their previous owner decided to stop keeping llamas and broke up the herd.  Eric is a woolly llama, and was crowned the Reserve Champion Llama at the 2015 National Championships, held at Newbury, Berkshire in September.

Felix the Llama
Felix is a lovely natured llama, who is now in retirement.  For years, he worked as my stud male and sired many cria for us; the majority of whom inherited his sunny disposition and easy going nature.  He now lives with Eric and Ollie, keeping Ollie in order with a gentle nip on his ear if the youngster begins to step out of line!  He has been trained to pull a cart and is a regular on the llama show circuit, although these days he prefers to take life at a slower pace, leaving all the excitement to the youngsters!